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Hi there everyone.
With the shutdown date approaching (July 12), a lot of questions have been coming in (many of which were already answered in the other journals >_>) and a lot of people are asking the same questions, so I figured I'd just make another FAQ.

Q: Are you deactivating your account?
A: Yes.

Q: Are you really deactivating your account? Or are you doing...
A: Yes I am really deactivating my account.

Q: So will we not be able to see the art made on this account anymore?
A: You will not. That's why I made the zip files.

Q: Are you still going to continue/finish [insert name here]
A: Anything that is unfinished will stay unfinished. I do have plans for Ebony and Kiwi to make the jump to Jullmox somehow. Other than that, the only thing I'm contemplating is Mount WonTon. NOT FINISHING THE COMIC, keeping the characters in the comic (Tsukiko and Orenji) and incorporating them into something else.

Q: Instead of deactivating, why not do [insert idea here]?
A: I am deactivating.

Q: So you're never drawing fat ladies again?
A: I'm not drawing fetish fat ladies. I might still draw a chunky girl now and again (like Princess Daisy in my comic series). But girls stuffing their faces in clothes that are way too small, exposing rolls and folds everywhere, exclaiming cheesy text of how happy they are to eat and be huge and wanting to get even bigger...yeah, no more of that.
And especially no more immobiles.

Q: Can we commission fat ladies on Jullamox?
A: Yes, though the same rules apply as above. Unless it's something cute or funny (and relatively small) like below. And no fat versions of ladies in media (like Princess Bubblegum) It's kinda hard to describe what I will/won't accept when I comes to fatty commissions. Just don't be sleazy and try to loophole me into drawing something you know I probably won't want to.
CM: Sneakin' Cookies by Hippinite Ebony's Sweater Dilemma? by Hippinite

Q: May we reupload your art?
A: No. I would strongly prefer if you didn't. I have only a few people (like 3) in mind that I trust to reupload certain things.

Q: Why are you leaving?
A:  The Future of HippiniteHi there, everyone!
What is this, the third time I've done this. Well third time's the charm I guess.
I've been Hippinite on deviantART for almost four years now and it's been a fun journey. Meeting fellow artists, improving skills, drawing chubs, all super cool! ^^
With that being said, the rest of this won't be super easy to convey...
While I do like drawing chubbed up ladies, I can't say that I'm ecstatic about the direction Hippinite has gone over these four years. I feel like I've made it as more of a job than a hobby; which makes sense literally as well considering commissions are the main method I have for making money at the moment. But regardless, I think I'm trying to drive a car that's been out of gas for a while...or at least giving it the wrong type of gasoline.
What I'm trying to say is, I'm tired of this approach. I'm tired of drawing clothes purposefully too small just to expose bellies and butts. I'm tired of making all the fatties I draw just wanna eat food all t

Q: What about Tumblr?
A: The Tumblr account is going too. Jullamox has a Tumblr though, if ya wanna follow that maybe reblog my stuff... to help pick up noteriety...;w;
My blog for chubby ponies will remain up, at least for a while

Those are all the questions I can remember right now!
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